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Wellington Square

London, UK

International Competition Winner 2000
Client: Architectural Foundation
Team: Art2Architecture (Partner in charge Peter Fink and Igor Marko) + Peter Neal

Throughout the world, cities have embarked on the renaissance of their public realm. Central London is repairing and restoring its street and park infrastructure, reworking some of its existing public spaces, including Trafalgar and Westminster Squares, but is yet to commit to defining significant and ambitious new spaces at the heart of the city. Wellington Square could become such a key public space and cultural forum, bridging divides, uniting disparate elements and encouraging social exchange, information and interaction.

Defining a clear connection between St. James's / Green Park and Hyde Park / Kensington Gardens with a new public realm component, or 'green' square, will deliver a continuous configuration of landscape in the City. The newly created topographical landform is to be aligned with, and built as, a continuation of the classical axis of the Constitution Hill to reconnect the two parks into the new public piazza whilst providing considerable primary architectural space under the green wave for host of activities from culture uses to restaurants.

Project Gallery: