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Dniepr River Park

Second Prize International Competition 2011

Team: FoRM Associates (Partner in charge Igor Marko)

The Dnieper River Park is an idea that instantly creates something greater than the sum of the existing and often disconnected present realities. Dnieper River Park is an idea based on green and blue urbanism giving the citizens of Kiev the opportunity to start thinking about its river and adjoining land in a coherent and aspirational way. It’s a once a generation opportunity for Kiev to start to fix some of the things that are not working on the greater scale as well as to enable a sustainable transformation of the strategic relationships between the larger and smaller social, natural, civic and economic ecologies.
Driven by the demands of 21st century living and working our approach suggests a new mind-set, in which the transformation and reintegration with the Dnieper River is seen as a catalyst for change - as prototype for a new relationship, a smarter relationship. Fifteen years from now, people arriving into Kiev will see the city’s Dnieper River and its slopes not as an obstacle to be overcome, but as world class destinations to discover. Whilst initially meaning many different things to many different people, as repository of vast and historically accumulated human experience and endeavours – the Dnieper River Park as big idea will ultimately converge with the future of Kiev as the centre of community life and enterprise.
The delivery of the Dnieper River Park as a strong recognizable brand equaling other world famous riverfronts and parks will require radically different way of thinking than that which formed Kiev in the 19th and 20th century . Our approach to this challenge in the millennial shift from the 20th century based economies and their spatial/urban demands and in the age of limited public resources focuses empowering another important resource that all cities have in common – its people. We believe that the global magnetism of a successful Kiev will stem in the future not only from its infrastructure, but also from the energy it draws from those who live and work in it, and so sustain it.
Many of the necessary elements for the ambitious Dnieper River Park project are already in place, and others await only the community’s decision to pursue them.

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