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Green Bridge - Revitalisation of Old Bridge in Bratislava


Invited call for projects Bratislava City Interventions 2009
Client: City of Bratislava
Team: FoRM ( partner in charge Igor Marko)

Through its characteristic form and history, the Old Bridge has become the symbol of connection between the two river banks with different urban development. As the oldest bridge over the River Danube in Bratislava it no longer meets the technical criteria of a modern bridge and its future has consequently become a major issue. The presented  proposal explores its unique function as the only bridge with a direct pedestrian link to the old town, as well as its industrial appearance on a human and urban scale.
There is an opportunity for the Old Bridge to become a real bridge for people. The proposal for the Green Bridge is an attempt to create its new identity by transforming it into a
a continuous green landscape not only as a 'green' link but also a fully functional public space consisting of individual micro spaces of intimate character.

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