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Eastside Park


Second Prize International Design Competiton
Date: 2006
Client: Birmingham City Council
Team: FORM Associates ( partner in charge Peter Fink) with BM

In the 21st century cities will be de¬fined by information networks. We have envisaged Eastside Park as a live and interactive part of such a network using the analogy of a dig¬ital circuit. Eastside Park is seen as a central processor with the surround¬ing urban fabric functioning as the digital circuit activated by the People of Birmingham providing the “elec¬tricity” and “energy flows” that peak and dwell along the circuit. Eastside Park in our design is a node of ac¬tivity that hums with information and energy at the core of the city. Our approach uses the linearity of the site to develop a cohesive landscape and funcionality narrative.

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