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Marriott Residence Inn, Burbank, CA

Client: R D Olson

Competition winner


burbank_MONDO_2008-04.pdf (6 MB)

Light n Sound America_2008.pdf (311 KB)

Marriott Residence Inn is at the corner of South First Street and Verdugo Avenue in Burbank — the heart of the city’s downtown and the focus of the city’s redevelopment agenda.

The public art component, a kinetic light work by artist Peter Fink turns the building into a highly visible light sculpture and a recognizable landmark. The programming and the appearance of the lighting are designed to evoke the test card strips used for the calibration of the early colour television sets and thus celebrate Burbank both as a place where colour television originated as well as its role as a thriving centre of the film and television industry.

The North, South, East and West elevations are lit by LED lighting programmed to gradually change color. The programming capacity of the installation allows many possible variations. The luminaries are fully integrated with the architectural detailing of the facade to ensure there is no light spill into the interior of the hotel. The durable and energy efficient LED lighting is by Color Kinetics.

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