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Out of Darkness, Lighting Project

Winner in open competition

Client: Wolverhampton City Council with financial assistance from the Lottery


Architectural Record 02 2003 - Wolwer Hampton.pdf (1 MB)

wolverhampton_LIGHTING EQUIPMENT NEWS_2001-11.pdf (29 MB)

wolverhampton_THE BUSSINES_2001-12-15.pdf (9 MB)


Unique in the UK, this is the largest permanent cold cathode light installation to date. This project at Wolverhampton University's Art and Design School is a part of a series of light installations in Wolverhampton starting in 1996. The installation uses 84 individually electronically programmed cold cathode tubes.

The building's facade comes into its own at night, when it becomes animated in changing fields and patterns of colour and light in a continuous sequence. Completed in 2001, the installation was initially programmed by Peter Fink, the intention being to instigate opportunities for the staff and students of the school to later change it and appropriate in their own way.

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