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Mersey Wave + Roundabouts

Competiton Winner

Lighting Award Winner

Location: Liverpool, UK

Client: Speke Garston development Company, Liverpool Land Develop­ment Company with sponsorship from Jaguar Cars

Team: Peter Fink + Techniker

Bull Ring Mersey Wave_art cape.pdf (1 MB)



A visually dramatic 30 meters high and 72m long gateway expressing a tidal wave of the Mersey marks the geographic boundary of Liverpool and the close proximity of the Jaguar Halewood plant. Uniquely the Mersey Wave is the first urban gateway of its kind designed to be experienced both from moving cars as well as by pedestrians. The geometry of the Mersey Wave gateway is formed by a parallel two sided progression of six 30m long fins at graduated an­gles from the vertical forming a con­tinuous dynamic waveform. The two central fins form a clear and distinct gateway threshold marking the entry in and exit from Liverpool.

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