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Durham County Boundary Highway sign

The sign is designed to mark the entrance into the county, creating a spatial landmark. The  20m tall structural column plays with coloured glazed elements that overlap each other, creating a dif­ferent mood depending on the angle and speed one approaches the sign along the motorway. At night, the landmark turns into a ligh beacon, visible for several miles.

The structure was brought onto sight already assembled and erected in a few hours, with minimal disrup­tion to the traffic. Durham sign quickly became a signature landmark for the whole area.


Wynyard Pedestrian Bridge, Durham

Limited Competition Winner

Client: Durham County Council

Visual dynamism of the bridge was achieved by adding two series of par­allel ‘fan’ like steel profiles, balancing on the structure of the bridge and over sailing the deck. Positioned along two sides of the structure, the geometry of the fans creates several new hori­zontal and cross sectional profiles for the bridge as a whole. With vivid al­ternate colours, dynamic profiles and lighting the bridge’s standard cable-stay design becomes animated and clearly visible from afar as well as forming a more dynamic identity for the new bridge for cyclists and pedestrians, completing the sea-to-sea National Cycling Sus­tran route.

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