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O degree

Light event on the Thames

Team: Lead Artists Peter Fink + Anne Bean
Client: River Crossings Festival

zero degrees_LIGHTING+SOUND INTERNATIONAL_1993-06.pdf (6 MB)


The water borne event marking the switch on of the Greenwich meridian laser was seen by fifteen thousand people. Its staging has involved a flotilla of numerous vessels, over 100 musicians, projections, pyrotechnics, the Thames fire brigade boat with spraying hoses and a lightning machine used in feature films to simulate lightning storms, as well as a remote control model helicopters.  The projection surfaces included the Lott's power station façade on the South Bank, the fine spray from the fireboat and the sails of yachts from the Greenwich sailing club. There were several other barges with various events including one with 20’ high poles covered in paraffinned paper rope set alight as it floated across.

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