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Piazza Rosa

Design: Studio Fink
Location: Bergamo Italy
Date: 2014
Planting: StudioGPT

The location of the temporary Piazza Rosa project is Piazza Vecchia ( Old Square ) in Bergamo Italy , a Renaissance square, that Le Corbusier called “ the most beautiful square in Europe” . The square was planned and built in the XVth century as the social and political centre a hilltop medieval town.

The main aim of the project was to create a thought provoking platform drawing public attention to the positive importance and implications of place making and contemporary landscaping ideas. The temporary transformation of a major historical space on this scale has proved an irresistible attraction to people of all ages drawing close to quarter million people into the square over sixteen days of its existence during day and night time.

The Piazza Rosa design aimed at a dialogue of contrasts with a strong contemporary conceptual and artistic emphasis whilst bearing in mind the theme of healing landscape and social/environmental sustainability. On a conceptual level the design aimed to renew the relationship between art and landscape design through a creative exploration of our senses, a bold use of colour, shapes, smells, and texture of planting. The wide variety of herbal and medicinal plants, trees and shrubs were chosen following the criterion of healing and well-being.

As a new space it successfully also provided a dual platform for local people, outsiders and tourists.  This was also experienced as a positive and noticeable rise in the economic exchange and social interactions in the surrounding Old Town.

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