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About Peter Fink

Peter Fink was born in London and grew up in Czechoslovakia. The difficulties of obtaining art material and studio space led him initially to study engineering. Upon resettling in London in his early twenties he studied sculpture at St Martin's and later Philosophy at UCL.



At this time he started to formulate the set of beliefs, which have since informed his practice as an artist: a distrust of the hype, modishness and personality cult of the art world system, and the belief that artists need to engage independently and directly with the world outside the art gallery and museum structures. Through harnessing a complex combination of community interests, institutions, organizations and public and private sector funders he has instigated and delivered an extensive range of innovative projects worldwide. Characteristically, these projects are often on a large scale, permanent or temporary, often fusing art with architecture, urbanism and environmental design. The common thread in their realization involves interdisciplinary collaboration with others and a discursive and proactive relationship with stakeholders, end users and communities.

Peter's capacity to make things happen and strength of purpose, imaginative response to brief and resourceful problem solving are best illustrated by the Northala Fields Park project. This critically acclaimed exemplar of people-led sustainability started in 2000 with no available funding and a semi derelict 27 hectare open space in West London. 

As intended, Northala Fields was completed in 2007 at no cost to the tax payer, using 165,000 lorry loads of imported construction rubble as the means to construct the park as well as to generate all of the required £6 million income.  What many Ealing residents may not realise is that not only do they now have a new park in their community; they also have a piece of land-art.

In 1991 Peter formed MAP productions with the artist Anne Bean as a vehicle to deliver temporary large scale projects capable of animating whole cityscapes.  The laser and light transformation of the newly completed tallest building in Europe, One Canada Square in Canary Wharf, was visible for up to 40 kilometres and as a huge shared urban celebration, became probably one of the most seen events ever in London.

In 1996 he co-founded Art2Architecture with the architect Igor Marko to focus on collaborative projects between artists and architects. Their experimental approach to urbanism resulted in pioneering projects, such as Car Free London commissioned by the Architectural Foundation, preparing the ground for transformation of London’s pedestrian and cycling environment. In 2006 Peter became a founding partner of FoRM Associates, a landscape and urban design practice focusing on place making.  The company delivered many pioneering projects, such as Irwell River Park masterplan, a complex strategy of revitalization of Manchester’s waterfront. The concept of the new linear park overcomes the effects of previous industrialization, transforming the river corridor from a major polluted severance into a premier public realm with the Irwell River at its heart. 

In 2013 Peter founded Studio Fink to focus on developing projects that highlight the role of artistic creativity in our cityscapes. By focusing on issues of social sustainability Peter, as an artist, is interested in how culture can became a core quality in the design of our cities as well as a primary catalyst for change.

In addition to collaborating with many diverse architectural practices, Peter also taught architecture in London as a Unit Master at the Architectural Association and as a Dissertation Master at the Bartlett school of Architecture.

As well as co-writing several seminal books on the topic of Public Art he was an enabler at CABE Space helping to bring excellence to the design and management of parks and public spaces in UK towns and cities. Peter regularly gives presentations at conferences and leads planning for real workshops with communities in different European and North American Cities. His work has been widely published in Europe, North America and Asia.

Selected Awards:
Sainsbury Award for sculpture
Southern Arts Bursary
Humanitarian Trust Award
Krasner Pollock Foundation Award
Oppenheim Award
British Foreign Office Award
Callouste Gulbenkian Art Award
British Steel Stainless Steel Award
Big Event Production Callouste Gulbenkian Award
Arts Council British Gas Working for Cities Award
BSIS Award
RSA Art for Architecture Award
Winner Car Free London, International Competition
Winner, Westminster Street Furniture London, International Competition
Winner Landscape Institute Award for project under 5ha
Finalist, Wenceslas Square, Prague, International Competition
Winner Shepherd’s Bush Green London, International Competition
Winner Landscape Institute Award for project over 5ha
BURA Award
Street Design Pedestrian Environment Award
Landscape Institute Award in Urban Design and Masterplanning
Winner Green Flag Award
Winner San Diego Coronado Bridge Lighting project International Competition
Winner HW Landscape Amenity Award Most outstanding commitment to the community
WAN Award Finalist