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Market Place

Kettering, UK

Street Design Pedestrian environment winner
Client: Kettering Town Council
Design: FoRM Associates Partner in charge Peter Fink and Igor Marko
Strategic planning: Savills
Engineer: Alan Baxter Associates

The Market Place is one of the key projects in regeneration of Kettering’s town centre and the surrounding area. The Market Place is revisioned as a vital public realm augmented by new landscape features and uses whilst retaining its original functions and character. The scheme gives priority to cyclists and pedestrians through subtle changes in surfacing and   improved accessibility. Increased seating opportunities, public artwork, water features and retail ‘spill-out’ spaces bring the square to life. It offers an attractive and fun place that is used to stage a range of public events throughout the year. It also provides an ideal setting to meet friends and to relax. One of the features of the Market Place is the fountains animated through lighting at night and a multifunctional blue glass canopy.

The public art work is formed by a timeline recording Kettering's official and unofficial social history. 

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