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Millwall Docks Floating Gardens


International Competition Finalist
Team: Artist Peter Fink + FoRM Associates

Our strategy seeks to redress the imbalance of the regeneration cycle started in the early 1980’s. Over the ensuing decades the emphasis has been focused on the delivery of high density buildings. We see an emerging opportunity to revitalise the water bodies that form the historic docks. ‘Migratory Green Urbanism’ heralds a radical green urbanism for the post industrial age equivalent to the construction of new public parks during the period of industrialization in our cities.

‘Migratory Green Urbanism’ proposes a gradual insertion of sustainable natural ecosystems combined with opportunities for passive and active recreation on to and into the vacant water bodies utilizing and energizing a forgotten community resource. The intervention forces a realignment of the relationship between water and the surrounding built environment, greater connectivity with the existing dockland public realm and the potential to fulfil the ambition for integrated green infrastructure. A new and dramatically different narrative will emerge, describing a dynamic green and blue public realm within the forgotten spaces of the East End Docks. Designed to be accessible for all this sustainable floating system will be open 24/7 and will champion an energy conservative and carbon neutral footprint.

The gradual introduction of the interconnected floating habitats will start to create a linear park on the water migrating from Millwall Inner Dock into West India Dock. Experimental use of seeded mussel banks may develop to provide water cleansing capacity kick starting further bio-diversity gains, lower concentrations of algae bloom and so on. The new linear park will deliver an extended functionality capable of meeting the needs of people that live and work in the newly constructed metropolis.

Project Gallery: