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O degree

Light event on the Thames

Team: Lead Artists Peter Fink + Anne Bean
Client: River Crossings Festival

zero degrees_LIGHTING+SOUND INTERNATIONAL_1993-06.pdf (6 MB)


The water borne event marking the switch on of the Greenwich meridian laser was seen by fifteen thousand people. Its staging has involved a flotilla of numerous vessels, over 100 musicians, projections, pyrotechnics, the Thames fire brigade boat with spraying hoses and a lightning machine used in feature films to simulate lightning storms, as well as a remote control model helicopters.  The projection surfaces included the Lott's power station façade on the South Bank, the fine spray from the fireboat and the sails of yachts from the Greenwich sailing club. There were several other barges with various events including one with 20’ high poles covered in paraffinned paper rope set alight as it floated across.

Project Gallery:

Alight at Docklands

Interactive Light event

Team: Artists Peter Fink + Anne Bean

Client: Docklands Light Railway Line  and companies involved in the construction of DLR


docklands xmas lights_INDEPENDENT_1995-12-19.pdf (12 MB)The event celebrating the first decade of successful operation of an automated mass transit system linking initially the East end of London with the inner centre. The project used the movement of the trains to interactively animate the six buildings and a viaduct in Canary Wharf with light.

The event became hugely popular with families with children and this was documented by a considerable temporary increase in the number of passengers.

The project also involved an extensive outreach programme involving six local schools in transforming the adjoining DLR stations with artworks.

Lilian and the Angels

St Pancras Station

Client: Northern Adventures Lead artist: Anne Bean

Whilst St Pancras Station was shrouded in dust-sheets during renovation, Anne Bean explored the building with a view to using xenon projections onto the sheets. The project was the first use of large scale projections onto buildings in London and has caused great public reaction. The many statues of women on the façade were in various stages of decrepitude with missing and disfiguring facial features. With twisted echoes of Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray, Anne decided to photograph these statues alongside local women who were approximately the same age, posing in the same way. The project used electronic microscope photography of the stone and skin as well as magic lantern imagery from the Museum of Moving Image to complete a work on changing materiality as well as technologies.


New year event on the Danube 2005 + 2006

Client: Bratislava Magistrate

The event seen by tens of thousands of people involved large scale floating fire sculptures on barges and a percussion sound/ pyrotechnic component. The main driver for the event was attracting people towards the river away from the constricted environment of the town centre streets and squares.

River of light

Client: Three Rivers Task Force

Pittsburgh, a city on the shorelines and the confluence of the three riv­ers: Monongahela, Allegheny and Ohio is now in the process of delivering one of the largest waterfront parks in North America.  The River of light was a concept developed to celebrate Pittsburgh's former intense association with the steel industry as well as a means to promote the city internationally.

The concept assumed that several thousand floating spheres of pulsing red light  would create a virtual river of molten steel not only on the rivers of Pittsburgh but also as a part of river festivals at other major international cities.

Thames River Festival proposal

Creative design team: Mark Fisher + Anne Bean + Peter Fink

The unrealized proposal for the first Thames River Festival involved a laser crown emanating from St Pauls cathedral as a focal point of a large scale water borne event on the Thames.