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News 2018


Northala Fields featured in Open Country on BBC Radio4 February 2018


Audio link: Northala Fields featured in Open Country on BBC Radio4


San Diego Coronado Bridge Lighting project into design phase January 2018


The 30th of January is the official start of the design phase of the exciting and ambitious San Diego Coronado Bridge Lighting project. The whole design team walked the inside of the 3.4 km long bridge that has a 60m navigational clearance, which allows aircraft carriers to pass through.

 The aim is to turn the bridge into the largest green interactive lighting project in the USA to be finished and operational by 2020. The project was won in by artist Peter Fink and Mark Major of SAMA in an international competition. The walk through the bridge included Buro Happold and Caltrans engineers and Yvonne Wise with Allan Tait from the San Diego Port authority.


San Diego Coronado Bridge_ galery


Seaport project San Diego February 2018

Studio Fink and the artist Peter Fink started to contribute as consultants to a $1.2 billion, 70-acre project, proposal in San Diego aiming to create a world class waterfront.

This ambitious and aspirational project will form a whole new quarter including new hotels, retail marketplaces, an aquarium, a spiral observation tower and a virtual-reality cultural attraction from an arm of the Smithsonian Institution.

The project is led by a locally based Protea Waterfront Properties consortium and project managed by Gafcon Inc., the Sorrento Valley-headquartered construction management and consulting firm.




News 2017


NEWS 2017


Three Elms Bridge Competition London Oct 2017

Ove Arup & Partners Ltd with Studio Bednarski Ltd, Ipv Delft, Studio Fink, CityDesigner, Comedia, Charlotte Rowe Garden Design participated in the competition to design a new pedestrian bridge over the Thames in London.


 Three Elms Bridge Competition London


Flower Jam festival Moscow June 2017

Peter acted as an international curator and advisor to the Festival client the City of Moscow and the organizing event company Нескучный город. As a main summer festival visited by seven million people it brings together landscape architects and florists to turn Moscow into a blooming garden. The landscape projects for city streets, squares and parks were selected through an open international Design Competition.. 

Media link: 2017 - Flower Jam Festival Moscow

 Flower Jam festival Moscow_gallery


The Flower Jam Festival and the associated Landscape Forum
wins the prestigious Gold Medal for the best landscape event at the Annual National Russian Landscape Awards 2017.
Nov 2017


 National Russian Landscape Awards 2017_gallery


Entrance gateway for Gardens and People Moscow International Festival of Landscape Art August 2017

Peter Fink designed a key gateway for Gardens and People,
a landscaping Festival that attracts more than 80,000 participants and visitors. During the 17-day festival, visitors
to VDNH were able to see unique gardens from the best landscape designers, attend lectures, as well as take part in seminars, master-classes and a festival programme. 


 Garden Festival Moscow_gallery


Public lecture on Healing Cities September 2017

Peter as a part of the Moscow City Day has given a lecture on Healing cities in iconic Kolhoz Woman Hall located at VDNHk,
a large exhibition and outdoor recreation territory is greater than that of the Principality of Monaco and has approximately 500 permanent structures out of which 49 of them are the objects of cultural heritage. The complex that originated as a concept in 1927 as Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy, is currently undergoing large scale restoration and transformation into a 21st century multi programmatic public realm space capable of supporting large scale outdoor events, exhibitions, urban farm, outdoor activity centres and much more. ( 




Video link: Public lecture on Healing Cities


International Landscape Forum August 2017


Peter Fink was a key speaker in the International Landscape Forum held in Moscow in August. His lecture explored the theme of: “Landscape design as a tool for transforming the urban environment”

Video links:



International Round Table on
"Green Economy and Infrastructure in Megacities"

Peter Fink has given a lecture at the Russian Peoples' Friendship University with the support of the international European grant Erasmus at the Department of Landscape Design and Sustainable Ecosystems. He has also participated in an international round table "Green Economy and Infrastructure in Megacities". The round table was devoted to the discussion of the issues of interaction between domestic and foreign companies, specialized universities and city authorities on the introduction of new 'green' technologies for the sustainable development of urban areas, and especially of New Moscow.


Video link: Green economy and infrastructure in megacities


Landscape architecture of seaside city conference in Sevastopol April 2017

Peter in addition to being a speaker at the conference has led a day long masterclass with members of the local community, administration of the city and professional designers. The day long masterclass explored the challenges and opportunities of
Sevastopol’s seaside public realm and its broader connectivity.


Media link: 2017 - Landscape architecture of seaside city conference in Sevastopol

Video link: TV interview


Maharasta Nature Park April 2017

Studio Fink took part in developing proposals for a new bridge and nature park in Mumbai. The proposal included a design for a new pedestrian bridge over the Mithi river as well as a transformation of a 37ha woodland into a people and nature orientated ecology park.
The strategy for this new park was based on linking woodland and wetland ecologies to form a Mangrove nature park as a major recreational resource for Mumbai.

This project both in news section and in project Green urbanism section Green spaces.


 Maharasta Nature Park_gallery






Discussion programme Moscow 24 TV November2017

Peter Fink has participated with the President of the Landscape Architecture Federation Taisia Voltrub in a discussion programme exploring the current greening and pedestrianization of Moscow.


Video link: Discussion programme Moscow 24 TV


Novy Oskol Ecology Multipark Masterclass November 2017

Peter Fink has led a masterclass attended by politicians, design professionals and members of the community The day long masterclass attended by 250 participants was designed to explore the aspirations, constraints and opportunities for a major new 34 hectare ecology park. The emerging framework of the park was conceived both as a regional park for the Belogrod province as well as park serving the town Novy Oskol. The masterclass was combined by a visit and practical demonstrations of tree planting at the ПИТОМНИК САВВАТЕЕВЫХ». БЕЛГОРОД nursery.


Video link: Novy Oskol multipark masterclass_01

Video link: Novy Oskol multipark masterclass_02

Video link: Novy Oskol multipark masterclass_03 


 Novy Oskol Ecology Multipark Masterclass_gallery


VIII National Russian Awards in Landscape Architecture Moscow November 2017

Peter has been a juror in a committee judging and awarding this prestigious award to all categories of realised and unrealised landscape projects in Russia in 2016/17. Peter also gave a key lecture on Social leadership in Landscape Architecture as a part of an accompanying conference.


Media link: 2017 - Russian National Landscape award November 2017


 VIII National Russian Awards

 VIII National Russian Awards_Gallery


The Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin visits the jury of the Festival June 2017

During the visit he met the Russian and international Jury members, remarked on the high level of the competition projects as well as discussed the administrations current plans for the greening and pedestrianization of Moscow. 


 The Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin visits_gallery


News 2016

Summer school masterclass Bergamo September 2016


The Summer School, of the Bergamo Landscape and Garden Institute, defines itself as an opportunity for discussion, study and research for solutions upgrading, enhancing and revitalizing urban spaces of the contemporary cities. After the positive experience with the participative project of the Malpensata Park and the success of the Pink Square in 2014, Peter Fink came back to Bergamo, to guide the students of the Summer School and others involved.

The 2016 edition of the Summer School shifted its focus on the lower town of Bergamo and the redevelopment of an existing section of Autostrada using community led planning approach. The goal was to explore turning this suburban section of motorway into an urban street both by reclassification into an urban road as well as by place making. The summer school team developed a comprehensive response in a form of a city boulevard that valorises the few remaining glimpses of Città Alta and clearly highlights entrance to a city which has become an international tourist destination. 


Media link: 2016 - Autostrada masterclass Bergamo


Dubai Creek Public realm September 2016

Studio Fink in partnership with LDA was commissioned by Emmar developers to carry out a conceptual study for the new Dubai business district public realm. The study looked at the design of key boulevards and green spaces as well as key gateways.


 5491_Concept Boards_sept2016_FINAL

Green Company Award Italy Nov 2016


Peter was a member of a jury awarding the Green Company Award 2016 to the Italian company Cava Nuova Demi for a remarkable landscape transformation of NOVA DEMI SPA Quarry. The project was selected for its cultural approach to the theme of green infrastructure and for its extensive emphasis on social values.





Hemel Hempstead reimagines its High Street
September 2016


Landscape architecture practice Broadway Malyan in collaboration with Studio Fink are behind the regeneration of Hemel Hempstead's Marlowes Shopping Zone.

The £4 million public realm regeneration is the first UK project 'play on the way' concept. This sees play equipment, including trampolines and interactive water features, installed along the length of the street to attract more families and increase dwell times. Pedestrian safety has been prioritised, with traffic control measures, improved paving and seating with an attractive central spine of planting and trees.


 Hemel Hempstead



Malpensata Park 2017

A newly transformed park is now a reality. The new park is based on a community masterplan developed during the 2012 masterclass by Peter Fink. It focuses on a multifunctional community centre managed as a community enterprise and new sports and recreational facilities. It is destined to become a major force in the social and economic regeneration of the Malpensata district and has already led to an € 350000 funding from Fondazione Cariplo for comprehensive community development involving from the very outset local bodies 
(parish, neighbourhood committee, shopkeepers association, schools ….. ). Currently this initiative is focusing on “recruiting” 120 local leaders of all ages to lead on developing concrete initiatives for the neighbourhood such as a community enterprise for the management of the newly transformed park.


Media link: 2016 - Malpensata Park Italy


New square for Bergamo proposal November 2016


Studio Fink in collaboration with GPT Studio and Mario Bonicelli architetto has completed a proposal for the pedestrianization of Risorgimento Square in Bergamo. The proposal focused on the introduction of a shared surface approach as well considerable increase in the green aspects of the square.



Peking University visiting professorship January 2016

Peter was a visiting professor for six months at the Graduate School of Landscape Architecture at Peking University teaching MA and Phd students as well as design studio programme.



NEWS 2015


Superlux publication

Three Studio Fink projects featured in Superlux publication by Thames and Hudson, in the year designated by United Nations as the Year of Light. The lavishly illustrated book is an international celebration of the ingenuity and artistry of the latest lighting technology. Featuring more than 120 worldwide lighting projects considered to be in the vanguard of the ‘Smart Light’ movement. The published projects by Peter Fink include Blackburn Town hall, Ice square Swansea and the Mersey wave in Liverpool. 

Media link: 2015 - Superflux


Living in full collor

An editorial article on colour in architecture and landscape design by Peter was published in a Chinese Landscape Record magazine


Media link: 2015 - Living in full color


Palma de Vechio pop up square completed in Italy


The transformation of the outdoor space of GAMeC (Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo) was conceived by Studio Fink as a celebration of the first large retrospective exhibition of an important renaissance painter Palma il Vecchio.  In the pop up square a free flowing use of colour is contrasted with enlarged details of drapery taken from Palma de Vecchio paintings and details of some of the faces seen in his paintings of "Holy Conversations".

This Peter hopes will encourage people to start sensing through their own conversations in the temporary square how Palma il Vecchio art develops poems of glances, stories, nostalgia, discoveries.


Project link: Palma de Vecchio

Media link: 2015 - Palma de Vecchio


International Art Conclave in Chandigarh


Peter Fink gave a presentation at International Art Conclave in Chandigarh Latit Kala academy. The presentation and an in depth interview of Peter by Parul available on linked videos.


Media link: 2015

Video link: International Art Conclave in Chandigarh

Video link: International Art Conclave in Chandigarh 2


Working for nature and society


An extensive strategic study for the Land Art reclamation of the Osinbeltz quarry in the Basque Country completed in collaboration with Peter Neal Consulting and ICP environmental engineers. Peter Fink as an artist was selected to lead a new restorative initiative due to his experience of land art projects such as Northala Fields. 

The Osinbeltz Quarry is today the largest quarry without quarrying activity in Gipuzkoa province. The geographical orientation of the quarry, its landscape setting, geology and face profile makes the quarry particularly suitable for environmental recovery. The recycling management of the Gipuzkoa province domestic and industrial waste will provide through a newly constructed Mechanical Biological Treatment plant both the financial resources and the innertised material required to restore the quarry void.

The main principle of the project will be environmental mitigation and the delivery of sustainable new uses
 that will enhance the social and economic value of the restored landscape. Peter carried out the extensive public consultation in the Basque Country during a three-month period, involving 18 consultative workshops and presentations in 14 neighborhoods with hundreds of people of all ages taking active part.


Video link: Working for nature and society









NEWS 2014


Belvue school project successfully completed


The project involved the re design of the external communal spaces in and adjoining the Belvue School in London. The school is dedicated to the education of young people with global learning difficulties and associated complex needs including Autism spectrum disorder, mental health, Down syndrome, Attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder and communication and sensory difficulties.


Project link: Belvue School Playground

Media link: 2014 - Architecture for children 


CoDA Award Winner

The Belvue school project awarded the international CODA award for the best collaboration of Design and Art in Landscape Category


Barry island Eastern Shelter project completedd


Eastern shelter lighting project successfully completed as a part of the Barry Island regeneration project, that was awarded the Royal Town Planning Institute Excellence


Public Realm Award


As a part of the redesign of a sea side promenade Studio Fink delivered interactive lighting for the Eastern Promenade Shelter, a listed heritage structure. The regeneration project was designed to boost Barry Island’s reputation as a traditional family seaside resort.The regeneration of Barry Island’s eastern promenade has been recognized as one of the best examples of planning and design in the UK by the Royal Town Planning Institute by a Excellence in Planning and Design for the Public Realm Award.


Project link: Barry island Eastern Shelter 

Video link: Barry island Eastern Shelter 

 A bit of fun


Interview with Peter for Vogue magazine focused on environmental sustainability. Architect David Chiperfield and Peter Fink talk about their work as well as being fashion models for the day. 


Media link: 2014 - Vogue


Piazza Rosa temporary square completed as a part of the 2014 Arketipos event


Piazza Rosa transformation of a famous renaissance Vecchio square in Bergamo attracts over 250000 people in its sixteen days of existence. The Piazza Rosa design by Studio Fink aimed at a dialogue of contrasts with a strong contemporary conceptual and artistic emphasis whilst bearing in mind the theme of healing landscape and social /environmental sustainability. The project received extensive publicity in world landscape journals and will feature in four book publications due to be published in 2016.


Project link: Piazza Rosa

Media link: 2014 - Piazza Rosa



NEWS 2013


Competitions win Barry Island Wales


Studio Fink was announced as the winner of a competition for a creative interactive lighting of a listed building on the Barry Island sea promenade.  

Made Expo Milano Growing City – High green Tech Symposium


Peter Fink was the keynote speaker at this year's High Green Tech Symposium in Milano.

His talk explored new paradigm of a socially engaged environmental and cultural practice, which aims at placing social and environmental sustainability at the heart of 21st century urbanism and by doing so also at the very centre of life of cities.


milanoexpo.pdf (2 M)

milano expo nemeton.pdf (3 MB)

milano expo espazium.pdf (74 KB) 

Boston Greenway shortlist


An artist team of Peter Fink, Mark Anderson and Ulf Pederson was shortlisted for a commission to animate with light and sound the Boston Greenway linear Park constructed over the submerged freeway through the centre of the city. Following an interview the winner will be announced by the rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy early in 2014.


Aerial Photo of Greenway.pdf (7 MB)


Comitato Scientifico Topscape


Peter Fink was selected to be a part of the Icons of Landscape Community scientific committee constituted to explore topical and academic issues related to green urbanism and landscape architecture.

scintifico comitato.pdf (4 MB)


Open space (Urban Public Landscape Design) book published in China includes a foreword by Peter Fink on green urbanism and the importance of combining social and environmental sustainability. 

urban space cover.pdf (3 MB) 

foreward open space.pdf (5 MB)

Belvue school funding


Belvue Special Needs School external Landscape and play project wins London Mayor and Football foundation Awards, Charity trusts and Barclays funding and is ready to start on site.


The project involves the re design and delivery of the external spaces of Belvue School in West London , a school dedicated to the education of young people with global learning difficulties and associated complex needs including ASD, mental health, Down syndrome, ADHD and communication and sensory difficulties. The main aim of this exciting and challenging undertaking is the creation of an exemplary outdoor environment for the school.  As a part of this project woodland originally under the auspices of the Highway Agency as green infrastructural planting next to the A40 was now legally transferred for the school use and is being developed into a “Magical woodland” - an unique landscape in support of imagination, creativity, social interaction and education. 


NEWS 2012


Following Peters Finks presentation on Green urbanism in I Maestri del Paesaggio - International Meeting of the Landscape and Garden in Bergamo he was invited by the towns administration and community to lead a series of planning for real workshops focusing on Malpesanta Park. Peter carried out four enabling day long workshops helping the community and the Bergamo politicians and administration to develop a design brief consensus as well as a framework for the management, community participation and revitalization of a key inner city park. 

malpensanta1.pdf (1 MB)

Article Malpensata.pdf (476 KB)


bergamo.pdf (1 MB)

I lab inauguration


Peter Fink gave a talk on the history of European landscape and the challenges of environmental sustainability as a part of the inauguration of I.lab  the Italcementi’s new Research and Innovation Centre designed by the US architect Richard Meier,




Sustainability article by Peter Fink published by Urban Environment Design Magazine in China

urban space cover.pdf (3 MB)


urban environment design article.pdf (2 MB)