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Izolyatsia Industrial Landscape Park masterplan

Donetsk, Ukraine

Client: Izolyatsia
Team: FoRM Partner in charge Rick Rowbotham + AID Architects

02 2011 AJ.pdf (1 MB)

An architectural and landscape transformation of a former industrial site in Donetsk , an important industrial centre for coal and steel in Ukraine. The first phase of the project will deliver an experimental Arts centre using a former vehicular depot. The newly converted
building will be  integrated into a outdoor gallery and performance space using railway goods wagons on a relayed track as art display spaces.
In subsequent phases a new circular park will be delivered turning the prominent centrally placed 45m high slag  heap (the Terrikon)into an exciting outdoor arts and recreational space. The new landscape setting will create a sense of definition, boundary and neighbourhood connection. The new bio-diverse landscape will be people centered in its design in contrast to the current defining landscape of Donetsk, which was based on Soviet style mass greening.
The main aim of this ambitious project is to create a hub of cultural excellence as well as deliver a social, economic and ecological transformation of a post industrial landscape. The phased transformation will reclaim much of the grey and abandoned site and make it 'green', both literally in an environmental sense and metaphorically as place of new growth and positive change.

Project Gallery:

Equating Ecologies

Quito, Equador

International Open Competition 2008
Client: Metropolitan District of Quito
Team: FoRM Partner in charge Peter Fink and Igor Marko

The scheme draws influence from the geography of Ecuador defined by two extremes of mountain (La Sierra) and coastline (La Costa). The relationship of mountains and water is highlighted in our proposal by a symbolic diagonal axis that represents the civilisation that has arisen between them.
Our proposal involves three interlocking components: Urban Blue, Urban Green and Urban Core as a responsive piece of public realm and adaptive ecology designs, working together as one park. The challenge of this project lies in the massive task of transition from a former airport to a 21st century linear park capable of delivering social, cultural, economic and ecological value to the people of Quito. In response our proposal develops a radical and yet pragmatic strategy involving onsite recycling of over half of the runway and of all hard standing areas into a new landform. The new park utilizes the resulting void as large water bodies whilst the new landform is constructed from the excavated material laid over the undisturbed section of the runway.

Green Bridge - Revitalisation of Old Bridge in Bratislava


Invited call for projects Bratislava City Interventions 2009
Client: City of Bratislava
Team: FoRM ( partner in charge Igor Marko)

Through its characteristic form and history, the Old Bridge has become the symbol of connection between the two river banks with different urban development. As the oldest bridge over the River Danube in Bratislava it no longer meets the technical criteria of a modern bridge and its future has consequently become a major issue. The presented  proposal explores its unique function as the only bridge with a direct pedestrian link to the old town, as well as its industrial appearance on a human and urban scale.
There is an opportunity for the Old Bridge to become a real bridge for people. The proposal for the Green Bridge is an attempt to create its new identity by transforming it into a
a continuous green landscape not only as a 'green' link but also a fully functional public space consisting of individual micro spaces of intimate character.